What causes Residual Ghosts?

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For a my closest of confidants know that I’ve joined a group in my area to help volunteer and investigate the possibility of paranormal activity.  Right now, I’ve only been helping with some of the hunts at a local museum/park/recreational/historical area.  But, I’ve been curious to know why there are ‘residual’ phenomena and others that seem to have an intelligence about them.  the Intelligent ones are usually more attractive to investigate but still… why is there a difference? To figure out the difference I have to start witht he easier of the two, residually activity.

My theory maybe an obvious one.  So pardon me if I’m not the brightest bulb int the bunch.  But I had never thought of it before.  And I didn’t know before, but there are society’s and cultures that think similar to my thought.  What if our souls, our spirits were nothing more than energy.  And though out time in our lives, in the places that we go, touch and live, we sometimes leave a part of yourselves, our energy.  

Ok, so that if my first theory… This leads me to more conclusions.  Of course, I have no proof.  These are just ideas rumbling around in my head.  Through out our lives we leave peices of ourselves.  The possibilities at the end of our lives are endless about what happens next.   I have to believe there are more possiblities than just heaven & hell.  

Yesterday I was sitting with some co-workers, I started the conversation I felt I needed to explain when they were asking what I was doing on friday nights.  I work two jobs, and for a year, I worked just about EVERY Friday and Saturday night.  When the change came about, some of my loyal associates were curious.  The conversation had just started.  I had started getting my idea across when one of the other servers sat down.  To her defense, she’s fairly young and raised with certain strong beliefs. Everyone knows the saying, ‘ there are two subjects you should never talk about in public: religion and politics.’  So I had to politely end the conversation.  She believes that in the bible it’s written that ALL ghosts are demons.  In my brain, “How the hec does anyone know?  Can we seriously take the bible at it’s word?” Or maybe we could accept that it was written 1000’s of years ago and was meant to be more of a fable learning guide for christians to take in and think about.  No, I’ve never read the good book. Frankly, if you put anything with more than 10 pages in front of me, I’m bound to pass out.

Back to that thought of ‘if it’s not in the bible then it’s a lie’ mantality.  I hope that over time, she finds that the bible isn’t necessarily all fact.  And that even the bible should sometimes be questioned.  In the end, she is a very sweet young lady and has a good sense of loyalty. 

Residual ghosts can be possible but are difficult to find.  Why? b/c it takes time to monitor and tell the difference between the two  main types.   I’d like to find if there is any validity of my spirits = energy idea.



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I haven’t told anyone about this nightmare in years… I must have been in high school b/c I had no idea what college I was going to go to at the time.  And, by default, I probably figured I’d go to Clemson Univ.

Anyways, I came home to visit and it was summertime.

Coming home from college…
My mom greeted me in the drive way. She quickly welcomed and invited me to go swimming with her in the pool int he backyard.  I grew up having this pool, so it seemed like a good idea.
I go in and get changed and come outside to the pool. I see my steping down into the pool to get aquamated.

This is good as the story gets.  From here it starts to go bad to worse.  It was a clear blue day in Anderson, SC, like so many I grew up with loving this type of weather.  The weather quickly started changing as mother got aquamated.She started slowly swimming towards the deep end of the pool when I noticed a pitchfork/hoe in the water sticky uptwoards myin the slant of the pool. I tried to yell and stop my mom. But she wasn’t listening. I couldn’t stop her or it from happening. I saw it go through her gut. she laid there dead floating the pool.  tears streaming, I was still on the side of the pool and now I was down by the deep end.  I didn’t trust the pool enough to get in it and go after my mom.
Next thing I know, I see a dark colored van appear the right side of the shallow end of the pool.  I immediately though of the van my dad got when I was younger – grade school. This wasn’t it, but maybe a representation of it.  THe only windows it had was inthe front of the vehicle.  walked slowly around to peer into the van. I was terrified but I had to look. I saw my brother. I think I saw my dad in the drivers side.  but my brother was inthe passenger side.  If it was poosible to be more freaked out in a dream, I was. I don’t even think I could speak clearly.  I know I was screaming, but I can’t remember what. I think it was ‘why me!’ over and over. I remember looking up into the darkly lit, stormy sky and seeing a face. It said ‘you’re next’. I woke up directly after that.

That dream still spooks me. I’m not sure there is any truth to it.  But, for a while, I was terrified that it would be true in some form.


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I have not laughed so hard in years. I was crying picturing the look on this guy’s face when all of the sudden food landed in his mouth while he was trying to make a point that was important to him but not really to others (obviously). Then at the same moment trying to react professionally as he spit it out. OMG I was done whe I told. mascara gone! Liquid eye liner GONE! Laughing like renfield. Hiliarious! My goose was cooked. I couldn’t talk. you couldn’t tell if I was happy or sad.

LOLROTFL moment part 2

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ok, so we have a bisiness lunch where we had a provider some in and talk about new products and services.
There’s one guy of the groupof us that seems to have a way about him. He can joke on himself but hasn’t gotten use to being the butt of a joke. And from time to time, that insecurity lends him to get picked on more so than not. Although, 99% of the time, its not to be mean. It just happens. TOday’s event was a ‘It Happens’ kind of day.
as everyone was finishing their food and listening about the new products, one girl had a crumb/morsel on her notepad. In effort to get rid of the food quiety and easily, she decided flinging the crumb/morsel behind her without looking where she was actually throwing it. She threw it sideways, not behind her. It landed inthe young gentlemen’s mouth as he was talking and asking questions. Needless to say, our provider, and several who witnessed the incident, had a hard time holding back the laughter. The young man, quickly spit it out and paused to the side in embarassment. Others in the group would say, ‘wow, we got him to stop talking?! Man I learn something new everyday!’

more to come. I was not there to witness it. My reaction coming soon.

LOLROTF moment

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From time to time we laugh at ourselves and at our friends. the best kind of friends that know when to laugh with you and when to laugh at you. If you can’t take a joke, get out of the conversation! teaser!

Political Funnies 11/02

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Seriously! What do I hav 2 do  2 b in your cabinet?

You R this close 2  getting water-boarded

If momma aint happy,  Aint no body happy!

Ot-Oh...  I just crapped my pants!

Remember who  invented the internet!

Huh? What? Who? Where? How? Tee Hee! Blank Expressionism

hmmm...  this reminds me of something...

You want a CHEEZBURGER!  I'll buy mine with your tax $$$

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Today you get some of my LOLs that I’ve made.  I’m only an amateur.  I’ll introduce a great LOLer soon. For ow, check some of my cute and hopefully funny LOLs from Icanhascheezburger.com.

Thanks – jules

No Coke,   No Commercial

It's time   we had a talk

Steve, look out  they hav clippers!

look into my eyes  u r getting sleeeeepy

fish eye?!  Just give me the fish!